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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PST

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needs of our s kennedy. -- the needs of our community. i would like to thank the mayor's office for meeting with project sponsors in the area. the product group has worked hard to identify property that could be acquired said that we can build within the greater castro neighborhood. i want to acknowledge my good friend supervisor compost for sponsoring this measure so it would continue beyond my term as supervisor and i am very helpful and believe that the supervisor electable undertake this measure as part of the overall effort that we undertook in the planning process. i would like to thank my colleague cheryl adams and -- for their help in drafting this measure. colleagues, i do have a couple of in the morning request that i
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would like to refer to. -- in memorium. the first is for one of my constituents who passed away from cancer. she was a true flower child of the city. peace, love, and brown rice or her staples. she managed to build a salon for more than 20 years. she was an incredible set and she spoke her family and friends. we had their opportunity to work at a magazine serving the gay and lesbian community back in the early 90's. she was just a delight. she had a tremendous sense of humor. she was brassie, she was fine, she was a wonderful partner to diana gomez and a mother to her son and frank and a sibling to brother, robbie.
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she is always remembered as a loving grand mom and a wonderful aunt. i am introducing a request for surely we near. she was the husband of an earnest wiener and the parent of a dear friend. -- i am introducing a request for shirley wiener. she has nine grandchildren and she was an inspiring and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. she received her undergraduate degrees in the master of science. she continued her research at the university of burglary -- university of berkeley. she was a lifelong activist for
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jewish organizations and israel. in partnership with her husband, she was also very involved with jewish philanthropy in san francisco. they were among the leading families in the bay area supporting jewish philanthropic work in san francisco and throughout the bay area and she will be greatly missed. colleagues, i have one last in memorium but i will submit to them. >> thank you. i know that the commissioner is still in the audience, and i wanted to take this moment to utilize this explanation during roll calls for introductions on his appointment. the vote was unanimous in terms of same house, same call, and i have no commissioner courtney
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for about a decade, and while i know that he is going to support the labor while also helping to manage one of the most important agencies, i think given the fact -- it needs to be mentioned, and my vote is affirmative an actual recorded as not -- and actually recorded as not no. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor daly. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. on a more serious note, there have been many foreclosures in san francisco. many residents have called our
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office with concerned. mortgage fraud. we have discovered repeatedly that there is no single point of access, no ability to treat russia, and really insufficient information to even be able to provide the most basic of constituent response -- no ability to triage. and yet, the city has been, like all around, tortured by this predicament without there being a credible response to constituents. so i would like to make sure that we start 2011 with a little more clarity on how we can best informed and empower the 11th supervisor district offices and working with the elected family -- with the mayor's office and if we have to reach out to the
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private sector, in particular, so that we have something that seems to be a real response, families providing some source of pathway in order to remedy their own personal s.o.s., i think they will have their own information. i think staff is struggling, and i think it is time to give them the tools. another was a letter of inquiry to the departments. to the city services auditor, the valuation of housing. as we know, especially mental health homelessness is a critical concern in san francisco, especially with this economic downturn, no matter even the improvements we have seen over the last few months. the need for this population require substantial resources, but given economic realities, questions regarding expenditures
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for homelessness, dollars shrink, and city services are truncated and relocated. all of the public dollars, the expenditure for homelessness, housing is perhaps one of the critical at the same time, but there really is no comprehensive cost-benefit analysis that exists, and it is important that we have that for san francisco. i am requesting that the city services have an audit, including an evaluation of the following questions. does the cost of supporting housing for the homeless and ultimately save money and save time in the overall use of public funded services, and is the cost for homeless people justified in its comparison in nonsupport of housing? of the forward to getting those answers as early in january as possible. the next is a grant for a public
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defender for participation with the open arms initiative. it authorizes the office of public defender to accept a grant so that it is critical that with open arms initiative, they provide services and case management to women or on parole in san francisco. great efforts have been made over the last two years in particular with us stepping up and upgrading our re-entry programs. this adds to the arsenal so we can effectively deal with a population that i think is not being well addressed. the rest i will submit. clerk calvillo: thank you, madam clerk -- thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: thank you.
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there is a woman who has distinguished herself as one of the finest, having served on the office of gun specialist, gun violence, and elder abuse teams, as well as on the executive staff as chief of policy. she has been appointed to serve as a special assistant attorney general in the california department of justice. she will serve as the senior adviser to the attorney general, and she will serve in advance in the new administration's policies and priorities involving local law enforcement, prisons, or prosecuting white- collar crime and enforcing civil rights. clerk calvillo: think you, supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i do not know if my colleagues have had a chance to try out one of the said
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waves, and looking at the pathways, i have heard a number of concerns of those who use the parks, so my hope is that the meeting is not used as a meeting to bash the segues but issues being put in place after the department has already made their decision. the rest i will submit. thank you. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor mar. mr. president, i think that includes the roll call introductions. president chiu: in order to make our 3:00 meeting, we need to take public comment. what i would suggest is that we take general public comment at this time so we can then move into item 46 and proceed with that conversation, so -- clerk calvillo: mr. president, would you like me to read item 46? president chiu: that would be
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great. clerk calvillo: item number 46, about appointing a successor mayor if there is a vacancy in the office of a mayor. president chiu: now, let me be clear. we have to go to general public comments before we talk about other items, in particular item 46, so anyone can speak on general issues, but on a particular number 46, to discuss the proposed issues. this would be the time to discuss that. if we end up passing item 46, we will then move to a 3:00 special order and have a public hearing on the appointment of a successor mayor, so with that, what we not go into general public, for speaker, please. >> [speaking foreign language]
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happy new year for everyone of you. my name is -- i hope, and i wish that the year 2011 can be better for all of us, for all of my friends, the supervisors who are going to leave the city hall today. we are never going to finish with you. we love you. i support many of you, and you know that.
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next week, we're going to have another new supervisor to replace you. i tell them today, welcome. to be with them and work together on my lovely city of san francisco. ladies and gentlemen, i am very proud to tell you, sooner or later when i go to my country, a young lady is going to replace me. i wish you give her a good welcome and a good time. she is going to be my granddaughter. she is going to be here like me.
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i have spent 26 years fighting for my city. she is here. i wish my former supervisors where there are now to support her sooner or later, because she is going to have to represent us. thank you, and happy new year. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the rape of the public library. their constant references to the city hall family. of course, they do not mean the entire citizenry. they are referring to a small said that shares their selfish interests.
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the bankers and took billions of dollars in a public bailout and still pay themselves tens of millions in bonuses call themselves the financial- services. the mafia calls itself a family. the people in the public library do not consider in fraud or cheating or lying. it is just what is necessary for the library family. there was a time when people believed in democracy. people need to accept obligations to society and contribute to the good of society. they look to you as an example. the idea that those in charge consider themselves a family with the problems of the aristocracy that the principles of democracy were intended to solve, the idea that we have supervisors who have no training in democratic principles and feel free to actually call themselves family and say it into the microphone is
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appalling. the citizens of san francisco is the family that we should be talking about. the french have a saying. [speaking foreign language] it roughly translated, it means in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king. there is one supervisor with just a little bit of decency and integrity and intelligence, and as such, he is the giant among you. we just what mr. -- want mr. bevn dufty to know that we appreciate him. thank you, and good luck. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is ms. brown, and this is another year.
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this is my son. how do you make it wider. there was a murder in 2006. there is a reward, and still no justice. i am here again as i do, i am still trying to get justice for my son, and i am asking that, you know, if there is a new mayor said that mayor can consider to not forget our children that have been murdered on the streets of san francisco, that they just do not look over us. if you can listen to people who come up here and sing about nonsense, nonsense, and i am here talking about my baby that i love, and here is another year that he is not here, i would
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need to have consideration from somebody that will listen to me. bevan dufty. we need help. i am also getting telephone calls for other mothers who have lost their children. how can i help them if i have not had help for my son? how can i help them? how many years? how many years is it going to go? how many years are going to pass by before we get help? we are out here on the streets of san francisco ourselves as mothers trying to get justice for our children. we have to come up here to get help and try to get help from everybody. the new mayor, please help us.
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>> hello, supervisors. ♪ maybe i was not there for you for the city quite as often as i could have. i am so happy that this city is yours and mine. i was sorry, city, i was blind. but you were always on my city mind. you were always on my mind. you were always on my mind, you were always on my mind.
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tell me, tell me your city love and has not died. give me, give me one more chance to keep this city satisfied, satisfied maybe i was not always there for every item that came along boat maybe i was not perfect on my city, city song little things i should have said and done i just never took the time but you were always on my city mind you were always on my mind ♪ and thank you for being supervisors.
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♪ so glad you made the city number one ♪ [applause] >> good afternoon, supervisors, or elective there of. happy new year, and, unfortunately, i hope it does not progressively get any worse in the city of san francisco. can the city of san francisco afford the type of activism that members, like the one that just cannot up and walked up of the chamber, he has a wife that is a teacher, and is the city voted, voted, -- this city voted to
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have activities for our school children. what does this progressive board of supervisors do with this vote? 0. what did eric mar do to protect our parks before allowing said ways to run over our city parks? president chiu: excuse me. direct your comments to the entire board and not to individual members. >> to go to the district rather than the district name, it goes to nothing, so i say to you that the democratic party ends here in san francisco, the start of the end of the democratic party starts here in san francisco, what they did to the equestrian community on 9/11. they said then down the road. that is where these progressive
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supervisors are going, down the road, hopefully dragged on their said ways. thank you very much. >> it is my turn to speak. my name is -- putting up with these fiscal budget cuts. i do not want to put up with it anymore. let's look at the definition. this is over. you all were voted in year to take care of the children. we are a first-class city. let's show the world what a first-class city is, and let's show compassion, especially towards children and show the world what a first-class city this is and angela will be the
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next mayor. thank you. >> good afternoon, members of the board. my name is alan jones. i am 54 years old. i have been a resident of san francisco for close to 50 years. as long as i can remember, i have always been ashamed of the fact that i am a homosexual. last year, while putting together a book, i came across a story, and the story was about a former marine and vietnam veteran by the name of oliver. mei xiang has shifted. in 1975, oliver saved the life
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of president gerald r. ford outside the st. francis hotel at union square. he was never honored for saving the life of the president, and the reason is simple. and he was a homosexual. and i believe that san francisco owes him a thank you. he died in 1986, and i believe that this board, which i am sure not a penny people have heard of oliver, no that you do know of him, you do have a duty, and i hope you recognize oliver and give him the respect that he is
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entitled to as a human being. i hope this is not turned into a gay issue, because it is not. if you save the life of a president of united states, you should be honored and not dishonor, and i hope you can see through all of the silliness that we go through in lies and honor a man. the in life and honor a man. president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> blondest scarface, commissioners. -- good afternoon, commissioners. as natives of not only san francisco, we want some
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representation out here in san francisco, and the only one that we believe and is supervisor david campos, right, and the reason for this is that he has come to the mission district while a lot of you politicians fail to come. you forget about us. all of you give us is to remove us from the mission district, and you put a lot of restrictions against us, and as a homeboy, from california, because as you can see, can you show the magazine over here? as you can see, this magazine here covers california, right? to san francisco, to give hope
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and guidance to the rasa, and he speaks, to guys like me. to the youngsters. check this out. to encourage our youngsters to continue education and to guys like us to go ahead supervisor mirkarimi -- to go ahead. supervisor mirkarimi: next speaker, please. >> my name is -- this is a formaleq


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